Trutaste provides the following services for private clients and its own branded products:-

  • Dry Roasting - Nuts
  • Oil Roasting - Nuts, Broad Beans & Chickpeas 
  • Extrusion - Chips & Noodles (legume based)
  • Automated Packing Machines (Propac & Doy Pack)
  • Handpacking


Private Label - Development of New Products

Trutaste provides research and development of new products for private labels which include the following:-

  • Client project/product brief
  • Research and development of products in the market place, finding gaps in the market for creation of new and unique products, flavours, coatings and seasonings
  • Nutritionals of all newly created products
  • Facilitating client packaging design with counter top unit and rewind manufactuers
  • Automated packing services for finished product
  • Distribution logistics for finished product



Trutaste has ample pallet space availabe on site for both dry and ambient (temperature controlled environments) which is available for use by its clients and external customers; services include:-

  • Loading pallets in and out of storage facility
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Pallet picking and distribution logisitics


AQIS Customs Inspection & Clearance

Truaste is AQIS approved for receiving containers from overseas for customs clearance on site and services include:-

  • AQIS booking inspections
  • AQIS representative on site for inspection of containers and customs clearance
  • If directed by AQIS sending samples of goods to external labratory for analysis
  • Unloading Containers